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Hello world!

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Month ago I was thinking about blog, where I could share my thoughts, and projects with other developers. Finally I did it with Gatsby!

Let's start

My head was full of ideas and imagination how my blog should looks like, but I didn't know the most important thing - what framework or library need I use? So I started writing down my thoughs, and I was looking for best solutions for my needs.

I already worked with SSR (Server Site Rendering) and Nuxt.js, which makes sites really powerfull, but I decided to choose Static Site Rendering and Gatsby. Why? For two reasons: Speed and Security. There is no backend, all content is stored in markdowns and queried through graphql, which makes Web browsing blazing fast.

Bartosz Dominiak

Webdeveloper with over 3 years experience. Currently working at @SnowdogApps as a Front-end Developer. Passionate about webdevelopment, and new technologies. Vue.js and React enthusiast. When not online, Bartek can be found as mountain climber, or hitchhiker.

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